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I am a mixed media artist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My work explores the subjective nature of memory, and the created reality of personal perception. 



I am motivated by the idea that our experience of the world is a creation of our perception of the past. The stories we carry of  what we have seen and who we are exist as fragments of memory. They are gathered, reassembled, and sculpted in our minds to form the world we inhabit. Every recollection is an act of creation. 

In my work, I use organic elements incorporated with old and found materials such as maps, handwritten notes, and other ephemera to reflect the idea of a world seemingly formed of tactile scraps of consciousness.  I use varying levels of delineation and an ambiguity of focus to create what I see as images still in the process of being remembered, made of chimerical artifacts of perception.

My pieces often use narrative motifs and archetypes. I like to see glimpses of an imperfectly recalled folklore mirroring and mingling with the changing and fantastical nature of our own remembered past. There is something magical and cryptic in the presence of shared stories in our consciousness that are perceived as fictions. I think that in the exploration of this splintered collective memory, we find clues to how we continually build the mythos of our own identities.

By drawing upon these ideas, my work becomes an exploration of the stories we share, the memories we keep, and the sad beauty of what is lost and forgotten. Through images assembled of the organic and mundane vestiges of our own journeys, the personal visions I share seek to offer viewers an unexplored perspective on the way our actualities form into memories, and so into identity. In seeing our own existence as a subjectively viewed story, we can allow our own experiences to be forces of creation.